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The KIDDY Evolution Pro 2 is a versatile infant carrier. The baby travels in an upright position in the car, but upon arrival at your destination, the handlebar can be moved backwards, thus pushing the underlying frame to push the baby upwards into a lie-flat sleeping position. The baby can then continue to sleep in the infant carrier for a period of time.

The Evolution Pro 2 is a comfortable seat for a newborn baby. The inlay with its head support, keeps your little one in the correct position in the centre of the seat. Padded harness pads keep the three point adjustable harness comfortable next to your child. The large hood protects the child from the sun and wind, as they nestle inside the sturdy seat shell. The underlying breathable mesh allows for air flow around the baby which will keep them cool on a hot day, or will help to keep them warm in winter.

Lie-flat travel is healthy and safer for a young baby. After being in the womb, the baby needs time to unfurl and allow their body to grow during undisturbed sleep. Being laid flat allows the baby's internal organs to fully expand and grow; their spine to stretch and develop properly; and maintains an open airway, thus ensuring good blood oxygen saturation levels to the body and brain.

The Evolution Pro 2 is easy to fit into the car using either the seat belt - which has a clear and simple belt route; or by using the KIDDY Isofix Base 2 - which gives a secure base onto which the Evolution Pro 2 can be quickly attached and detached.

The Evolution Pro 2 is designed to support your child and keep them safe within the seat shell should you be involved in an accident. This amazing car seat been tested by Which? whose report can be found here.

  • Patented KIDDY Lie-Flat (KLF) Technology - allows the baby to be laid flat outside the car. This reduces the risks associated with traditional upright infant carriers.

  • Kind on the back: A soft, supportive sleeping position thanks to the lie-flat shock-absorbing slatted frame.

  • Lie-flat also gives maximum body support and air circulation around the baby to keep their temperature stable. 

  • Integrated multi position large sun hood: Offers good shade and creates a pleasant environment for the baby.

  • Safe for use in cars: Simple attachment using the Isofix Base 2 or using a seatbelt.

  • Suitable for use as a travel system: the lie-flat option means there are no limits to use on a pushchair chassis, making the Evolution Pro 2 a healthy way to get around - without a guilty conscience!

  • Extra soft padded textile inlay: The baby feels cosy and secure.

  • Durable cover: easy to replace and washable.

  • 14 different colour options: personalise to suit your style.

  • Dimensions: H44 x W 66 x D 62. Weight approx 4.5kg

How does KIDDY lie-flat technology work?

When the handle is moved, a slatted frame within the infant carrier rises up and moves the infant into a flat lying position. The baby's body is inline from their bottom to their head, which keeps the airways open and allows for optimum growth. In the event of an impact the force-absorbing slatted base moulds around the body of the infant, thus keeping them safe inside the shell of the car seat. The open slats allow for even ventilation so that the baby's back does not get hot and sweaty. 


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Grows with your child

The Evolution Pro 2 has 5 shoulder positions and a one handed, adjustable 3 point harness, to ensure your baby is perfectly fitted each time, as it grown from birth to 13kgs. The infant carrier comes with a seat inlay which supports the head and body of a newborn infant (green in the picture below). This can be removed as your baby grows. A premature inlay (grey in the picture below) is available as an optional accessory. This offers support and a secure, safe fit for even the smallest babies.

The Evolution Pro 2 as a travel system 

It is a beautiful day to explore the world! 

Your baby can be transferred easily still in their Evolution Pro 2 onto a KIDDY City'n Move stroller; or onto another compatible pushchair (see the Pushchair Compatibility Checker below).

The handle can be moved into the lie-flat position and your little one can now enjoy the benefits of laid flat, in the same way as they would in a carrycot, pram or lie-flat pushchair seat, with no time limits.

The Evolution Pro 2 can also be used on board aircraft, thus giving your little one a safe and flat place to sleep whilst flying.

Healthy and safer for baby; no worries for you!

ISOFIX Compatibility Checker

  • Kiddy car seats will fit in all green seats shown on the diagram.

  • If using Seat 1 - remember to turn off the air-bag

  • Please note when using the recline feature, more space may be required.

  • Our seats fit most cars. If your car is not listed, please visit a local Kiddy retailer for free fitting and advice.

  • Kiddy recommend that you have a product demo or free car fitting by one of our trained retailers
Pushchair Compatibility Checker

Pushchair Options

Our KIDDY pushchair picker allows you to see what our infant carrier will look like on a range of single pushchairs. Choose the pushchair of your choice, and then pick a colour to try on the chassis.

Remember, there are more pushchairs to choose from. Please see our pushchair compatibility list in the next column for details of all compatible pushchairs & prams.