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Life is an adventure. With your child on your back, set out to explore the world together, and see what you can discover in nature!

The KIDDY Adventure pack is ergonomically designed and extremely functional. This child back carrier is perfect for walking or hiking. It offers maximum comfort and support for both the adult and the child. There is adjustable back support for the adult with padded shaped shoulder straps. An integrated sun and rain cover will protect your little one from the elements, whilst a 5 point harness keeps them safe. 

A pull out stand makes loading and unloading your little one simple and safe. At the end of the day, the durable fabric can be washed, ready for your next adventure together!

  • Multilevel height-adjustable back support for optimal adjustment to the size of the carrying adult.

  • Height-adjustable and padded 5-point harness system for ultimate safety and easy adjustment to the size of the child.

  • Integrated sun and rain shield for optimal adjustment to all weather conditions.

  • Side and rear reflectors for good protection in poor light.

  • Ergonomically shaped pelvic and shoulder belts made from Thermotex material for optimum air circulation.

  • Seat cover made from Soft-Tex material for comfortable seating environment.

  • Durable, washable cover from technical polyester fabric.

  • Washable and removable mouth protector for a particularly soft and hygienic protection of the sensitive mouth area of the child (including replacement mouth protector).

  • Bottle holder

  • Sturdy, collapsible stand for safe and convenient setting down of the child back carrier.

  • Small pocket on waist belt for additional storage space.

  • Handy zipper pocket on the back of the carrier for additional storage space.

  • Large, easy-access lower compartment for safe and easy storage of utensils.

  • Weight: 2.6 kg

  • For carrying children up to 18 kg.

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Safety instructions

- Always fasten the safety straps.

- A child back carrier should never be used as a place of safekeeping for your child without supervision.

- Supervise a child placed on the ground at all times, to ensure the child does not lean out and tip over.

- Overloading or improper use can endanger the safety of your child.

- When the child is in the carrier they are likely to be higher than your own height, so beware of ceiling height, dangerous corners, low branches, door ways etc.

- Give your child regular breaks, especially in cold weather to ensure good blood circulation.

- Remember that young children are more affected by a change of temperature than adults.

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