Car Seats

Phoenix fix pro 2 car seat
Group: 1 - Age: 9 months - 4 years Weight: 9-18 kg

Phoenixfix 3 (ISOFIX)

How do you make the safest car seat in Europe even better? You add the latest safety technology; modern breathable fabrics and make it even more adjustable. The result is the innovative, comfortable, exceedingly safe Kiddy Phoenixfix 3!


Cruiserfix 3

Group: 2,3 - Age: 3 years - 12 years Weight: 15-36 kg

Cruiserfix 3 (ISOFIX)

The Cruiserfix 3 grows step by step with your child using the very latest safety standard regulations. It has new additional functions promoting enhanced safety through the optimal adaptation of the ergonomics of the child via the new 5 position adjustable leg rest and deeper seating positions.

Guardian Fix Pro 2 car seat

Group: 1,2,3 - Age: 9 months - 12 years Weight: 9-36 kg

Guardianfix 3 (ISOFIX)

The Guardianfix 3, stage 1/2/3 car seat has an improved impact shield and side impact protection offering optimum safety for your child. A deeper seating position and an adjustable leg rest this makes it the most comfortable seat in the market for your child.