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Seatbelt shortener

The Kiddy Aircraft Seatbelt Shortener is just the thing to take with you on your aeroplane travels. We know that seatbelts in aircraft vary in size. If a seatbelt is to short, the flight attendants will give you an extension, but what do you do if the belt is then too long to fit snugly round your car-seat?

This is where the Kiddy Aircraft Seatbelt Shortener comes in handy, as it allows the reduction of the aircraft seatbelt to ensure a comfortable, safe fit for your child's seat.

Compatible with most car seats including our Kiddy Guardian Pro, Comfort Pro, Cruiserfix Pro, Guardian Pro 2, Guardianfix Pro, Guardianfix Pro 2, Phoenixfix Pro, Phoenixfix Pro 2 and Phoenix Pro car seats.



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